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Tuning Ben's default Gmenu2x theme


While technically working quite nice, the current Gmenu2x theme still needs a bit more love. It has been created for the 840x480px screen of the Pandora handheld. One of the results: The original wallpaper looks like this:


But only the upper left corner gets displayed on the QVGA screen of the Nanonote:


I liked the look of the original wallpaper, so I tried to create a NanoNote-branded rip-off that would fit in 320x240px. A few minutes of Inkscape-dabbling later:


I could not find the font type "NanoNote" was written in, so I just redrew it based on this image from Same thing with the Ben logo.

The second obvious thing was removing the "L" and "R" images in the upper corners of the tab bar because they made no sense after changing the keys for section switching. I replaced them with this fully transparent file of the same size.

The result looks a bit nicer:


To replicate:

  1. save wallpaper and transparent png to /tmp
  2. scp /tmp/wallpaper.png root@<nanonote_ip_address>:/usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/wallpapers/wallpaper.png
  3. scp /tmp/l_disabled.png root@<nanonote_ip_address>:/usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/imgs/l_disabled.png
  4. scp /tmp/l_disabled.png root@<nanonote_ip_address>:/usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/imgs/r_disabled.png
  5. scp /tmp/l_disabled.png root@<nanonote_ip_address>:/usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/imgs/l_enabled.png
  6. scp /tmp/l_disabled.png root@<nanonote_ip_address>:/usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/imgs/r_enabled.png
  7. change the active wallpaper under settings -> Wallpaper in Gmenu2x directly.
That's it. Next on the list is a more visible GMU icon Smile
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Wolfgang Spraul
Januar 28, 2011
can you make a 'free' version instead of 'open'

Hi! Your NanoNote wallpaper has since become the default for the OpenWrt images on NanoNote :-) Beautiful work!
One thing though: Can you make a version that says 'free.' instead of 'open.'? Changing the pixels is quite hard because of all the shades of grey and transparency...
Thanks for your wallpaper!

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